Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Does the price include set up and delivery?
A.Of course! Our prices include set-up and delivery. So the price you see when you checkout seals the deal!
Q.How long will I have my rental for?
A.We are all about having FUN so we want you to play as long as possible! All of our rentals are for a full day which is
from the set-up time in the morning (starting at 9am) to pick-up time in the evening (starting at 6pm).

Want some more time to play?! Add the overnight option for an extra $50, and we'll pick up in the A.M. Wanna play all weekend long?! It's just 50% more and you'll have it for 3 days straight!
Q.What happens if I cancel?
A.Things happen! We live in Florida where the weather has some severe mood swings! Your deposit is fully refundable
as long as you cancel 7-days before your event. If you cancel 1-6 days before your rental you will be given a
raincheck on your deposit that is good for 1 year. Once a service contract is signed or the inflatable has been
delivered (whether we have set it up or not), there will be no refunds on your deposit.
Q.Will the inflatable fit in my yard?
A.Tarps, straps, stakes, blowers - OH MY, WILL ALL OF IT FIT?! We make sure to always list the size of our inflatables so
you can measure everything out before you even book. If you have any doubts, give us a call and we'll come out ahead of time to see if the set-up is possible!
Q. What parts of Hillsborough County and North Pinellas do you deliver to?
A.The easiest way to answer this question is to shoot us a phone call at 727.754.0275 or send a quick message through
our contact form. You provide the address, and we'll look it up to give you a quick answer!
Q.How does payment work?
A.A $50 deposit is required to book your inflatable so you know that day is blocked off just for you! The rest of the
payment is due in cash upon delivery. And don't worry, our site is 100% secure and your personal information is
protected by ERSpay. A name we know and trust!
Q.Does Urban Air Inflatables supply a hose?
A.Believe it or not, people like to steal hoses that's why party rental companies don't usually supply a hose for you. Here at Urban Inflatables, we supply the hose that is physically attached to our wet inflatables but not the hose that runs from the slide to your water source. If you need a hose please specify during check-out. An additional $10 fee will be added to your total.
Q.How far do I have to be from my electrical outlet?
A.We have a 100ft. extension cord but it's always best to stay within 50ft. so there is room to play with. Please make
sure that it does not exceed 100ft.
Q.What surfaces do you setup on?
A.Grass, dirt, asphalt, turf, indoors, and concrete can all be set up on with grass being the best option because of the extra cushion
for you and our inflatables. We won't be able to set up on any type of rocks as the constant rubbing will wear
through the vinyl inflatables. Please give us a call to discuss any concerns you may have as we may have some other
Q.Do you deliver to parks, schools, or clubhouses?
A.At this time we do not deliver to any of these places as special permits and generators are required, and being in a
public places means anyone can join in on your party making you liable for them. We may revisit this in the future,
but as of right now we do not offer this service.
Q.Do you provide a generator if needed?
A.Not at the moment, but maybe in the future.
Q.What is your cleaning process?
A.As we are parents to 4 kiddos, we take our sanitation process very seriously. Germs and yucky smells are not
something you will find in our inflatables, and we stand by that. All of our inflatables are thoroughly cleaned and
sanitized with CDC approved disinfectant before we drop it off to your home, and we clean it again on site just to give you a peace of mind!
Q.What happens if I damage my rental?
A.You are responsible for damaged rentals if it is a direct result of your action(s) or the rules being broken. We will
work with you to investigate what happened. If it is beyond a reasonable doubt that you were the cause of the
damage, we will send our inflatable to be repaired and you will be responsible for the costs associated with the
repair. This is obviously the worst-case scenario so we will work with you as much as possible. Please review our
rules and read waiver to learn more.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us any time at: 813-557-0082

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