Rule #1

No Shoes. This keeps our inflatables nice and clean.

Rule #2

No soap, lubricants, silly string, foam or gum. A cleaning fee of $250 or more
will be incurred if this rule is broken as these activities are damaging to our
inflatables and can cost a lot of money to be cleaned and repaired.

Rule #3

No belts, sharp or pointy objects are permitted in the inflatable(s). This can
cause damage and cuts to our inflatables which you will be responsible for.
Make sure that you follow these simple rules to ensure a smooth event for all

Rule #4

No excessive roughhousing. We know when you're having fun that sometimes
it's hard to contain yourself but we don't condone playing to the point of
someone getting hurt. Please be mindful and respectful to the other
participants to ensure that all parties are having a good ole time!

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